Whistlin' Kenny
Recorded July 1989 (w/ Margie Cox vox) for the aborted Flash album. Released as the B-side on the promo single Standing At The Alter (February 7, 1995). Written by Prince.

Don't cry little Kenny, ur mama will b home soon
She's been workin' late again so keep whistlin' ur little tune
U know, the 1 ur papa taught ya on the day he died
He said, "Whistle ur little song
And pretend that God is standin' at ur side"

Pretend U don't see all the homeless barely livin' on a prayer
Why should U worry about all the crime? The police don't even care
The preacher man tellin' U 2 tell the truth when all he tells r lies
Just whistle ur little song and pretend that God is standin' at ur side

Now the door bell, it's ringin'
Don't answer it, 2 late, they already came n
The lady next store said, "Ur mama got killed
Could've been anyone of 16 men"
Ur mama had a lot of customers and she tried 2 keep 'em all satisfied
Sellin' her body was the only way 2 keep her little Kenny alive
So baby, just keep on whistlin' ur little tune and pretend
God is standin' at ur side

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