When She Comes
Recorded: March 12, 2010
Released: December 12, 2015
Album: HITnRUN phase two (8th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2015 NPG Records
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When she comes
When she, when she comes

When she comes
Always unexpected but never rejected surprise
It's always a shock when he undoes the lock
& she's there without a care when she comes

When she comes
The house is always a mess
She's cool nevertheless
& here's Y, here's Y
She remains, as we say, a sweet bird of prey
She flies & she's satisfied when she comes

A limoncello ballet, a psychedelic cabaret N his mind
Oh, N his mind
Without further adieu he takes off her shoes
& whatever confines when she comes

When she comes
A blue bed of roses, she never closes her eyes
4 his artful technique deserves a peek
Call it sublime cuz it happens when she comes

So, oh, sweet the taste
The tears that roll down her face don't cry
No, they don't cry
Tho sad at 1st sight, they'r filled with delight
The 4th of July when she comes
Oh, when she, when she, ooh, comes

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