What's My Name
Recorded May 1993 & used for the Glam Slam Ulysses stage-show; later released as 4th track (2nd disc) on the album Crystal Ball (January 29, 1998). Written by Prince. Click to open printable lyrics.

Take my name, don't need it
Nothing stays the same anyway
Take my fame, can't use it
My girlfriend calls me lame, game was over yesterday
Tell me, what's my name?
Tell me, what's my name?
What's my name?

Take this bass, can't play it
It only makes me wish 4 the way it used 2 B
U can slap my face but got 2 say it
U never woulda drank my coffee if had never served U cream
Now tell me, what's ur name?
Tell me, what's ur name?
What's ur name?!
What's ur name?! C'mon!

Do U dream N color or do U discriminate?
Do U love others, do U love or do U hate?
Do U worship fire or do U worship a dove?
Do U live a liar or do U live 4 love?
What's ur name?

What's my name? What's ur name?

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