Welcome 2 The Dawn
Original recorded circa 1995 and released (acoustic version) as the 12th track on the album The Truth (4th disc of Crystal Ball set - January 29, 1998). Written by Prince.

When the things U know r right r far from what they seem
When the past becomes the future and time becomes a dream
When the light of God is the only thing n life that will redeem (Ooh)
Welcome, welcome 2 the dawn
Ooh, welcome 2 the dawn (Oh, ooh)
Well yeah, ha

When the voice U hear commands U 2 entertain the absurd (Ooh)
And when U do the action unlocks the apocalypse of that U've heard of
When the day lies b4 U seems the darkest n a word
Welcome, welcome 2 the dawn
Ah yeah yes (Welcome 2 the dawn)
Woo woo woo...

Every piece a puzzle and every name a clue
Every charge U make is karma so b careful what U do (K A R M A ...)
La la la...
Woo woo woo...
Welcome, welcome 2 the dawn
Welcome 2 the dawn
Thank U

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