We Can Funk
(unreleased 1989 version)
Recorded: Circa 1989
Written by Prince & George Clinton.
© 1989 The Prince Estate
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'm testin' positive 4 the funk
'll gladly pee N anybody's cup
& when ur cup overflow
'm testin' positive & 'll pee some more

could tell U stories till U get tired
could play with ur mind
But U'd probably say that was a liar
So won't waste ur time
'm scared - altho we just met
There's this energy between us
Let's just go somewhere
We can funk

could say 'm sorry all my life
But that wouldn't B true
Hell yeah
can say & do the things like
Cuz 'm not U
'm scared - altho we just met
want U so bad, baby
want U so bad (Take off my clothes)
We can funk

said time was...
When we were stompin' 2 a funky thing (Haha)
That's when the time was...
Jump 'em & funk 'em N the swing of things

Pump 'em & funk 'em (Yes, U'r so beautiful)
Jump 'em & funk 'em (My princess, U'r so smart)
Pump 'em & funk 'em (Honey doll, U got the glammest bod)
Pump 'em & funk 'em (No man could afford this work of art)
Every time could, would compliment U on the things
The things that U B
Honey doll, we should make the real noise
Just U & me

could tell U things 2 get U excited
Things U never heard
Oh, U know the Kama Sutra?
could rewrite it using half as many words
But 'm scared cuz if don't kiss ya
'm gonna go mad, baby
Take off my clothes
We can funk

'm testin' positive 4 the funk
'll gladly pee N anybody's cup
& when ur cup overflow ('m testin' positive)
& 'll pee some more
(Uh-oh, uh-oh) {repeat}
Mm yeah
We can funk
Oh, ow!
Oh yeah
We can funk
Wait a minute
Somebody say
We can funk
Mm yeah! (Oh)

U can blow the candle out, baby (U can blow it out, baby, blow)
U can turn the candle on (U can blow well)
Whichever 1 U choose is alright
Cuz we're gonna do it all night long
If U want 2 undress me, baby
Shall undress U?
U can leave ur clothes on if U want 2 (Talk 2 her brotha)
& 'd still do what wanna do 2 U
Sex between 2 people is alright
If all the love N the world is what they got
As long as they'r not tryin' 2 hurt nobody
Just as long as it's hot
Good Lord, baby, uh
wanna make love 2 U, ooh
2 time, maybe 3, yeah
& if U want 2 go 4 or 5
Baby, that's alright with me
Let me tell U now, said will B a little baby, yeah
can B a big strong man
can B a girl, a boy
can B ur toy
All U have 2 do is ask!
It's up 2 U!
Can funk me, baby
'll funk U
We can funk 1 another
Whatever U want 2 do!
U got an electric ass, baby!
U got electric thighs, baby!
can't wait no longer, child!
It's gettin' stronger, baby
Open up ur eyes!
C this gold chain around my waist?
Huh, wanna give it 2 U, yeah
When people tell me got no taste
Then blow the candle out
Let's C if it's true

We B funkin' over here
& over there ain't shit
{repeat lines}

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