We Can F**k
Recorded: December 31, 1983
Released: June 23, 2017
Album: Purple Rain Deluxe (10th track - disc 2)

Written by Prince.
© 2017 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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could tell U stories till U get tired
could play with ur mind
But U'd probably say that was a liar
So won't waste ur time
'm scared cuz tho we just met
There's this energy between us
Let's just go somewhere
We can fuck

could say 'm sorry all my life
But that wouldn't B true
only say & do the things that do
Cuz 'm not U
'm scared cuz tho we just met
want U so bad, baby
Ooh, don't U wanna come with me?
We can fuck

Ooh, we can fuck
Ooh, we can fuck
So fuck with this

No, this isn't something 've said many times b4
But what difference would it make?
That was them, this is U
Y can't U C this room is electric?
OK, well then maybe it's me
But know the smell of desire
& honey, it's all over U

could tell U things 2 get U excited
Things U never heard
Oh, U know the Kama Sutra?
could rewrite it with half as many words
But 'm scared cuz if don't kiss U
'm gonna go mad, baby
Take off my clothes
We can fuck

Ooh, we can fuck
Ooh, we can fuck
Oh, oh baby
Ooh, we can fuck (Ooh! Ow!)
Ooh, we can fuck
Wait a minute
Let me turn on some lights
Ooh (We can fuck)
Is that better?
Come here
Ooh, uh (Oh)

U can blow the candle off, baby
U can turn the candle on
Whichever 1 U choose is alright
Becuz 'm gonna do it all night long
Do U want 2 undress me, baby?
Or shall undress U?
U can leave ur clothes on if U want 2
& 'd still do what wanna do 2 U
Sex between 2 people is alright
Whether they'r N love or not
Ooh, as long as they'r not tryin' 2 hurt nobody
Just as long as it's hot
Good Lord, baby, huh
wanna make love 2 U, yeah
2 times, maybe 3, yeah
& if U want 2 go 4 or 5
Baby, that's alright with me
Let me tell U now, say will B a little baby, yeah
can B a big strong man
can B a girl, a boy
can B ur toy
All U have 2 do is ask!
It's up 2 U!
U can fuck me, baby
Ow! 'll fuck U, yeah
We can fuck 1 another
Whatever U want 2 do!
U got an electric ass, baby!
U got electric thighs, baby!
can't wait no longer, child!
It's gettin' stronger, baby
Open up ur eyes!
C this gold chain around my waist?
Huh, wanna give it 2 U, yeah
When people tell me got no taste
Then blow the candle out
We'll C if it's true

Oh baby, this is excellent
No no, it is really
It's... like... haha
'm sorry, it's just...
don't know, just never felt this way b4
No, 'm really happy - really
Well guess, met U & ...
just don't deserve U
Becuz U'r so special
No, 'm not, not like U
mean U'r perfect
U really R
There R so many things wanna do with U
So many things wanna do 4 U
So many things 4 U
Listen, don't ever let anybody hurt U
No, U don't have any reason 2 feel insecure
U'r the best
& if U believe that - nevermind them
No 1 can ever ever hurt U
Yes, love U
know it sounds strange, but do
knew loved U the split second b4 we kissed
Oh darling, kiss me now
Oh baby
Please fuck me again

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