U're Gonna C Me
(ONA version)
Recorded: Spring 2001
Released: January 17, 2002 (NPGMC download)
Album: One Nite Alone... (2nd track)

Written by Prince.
© 2002 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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know 'm not gonna sleep 2night, baby
Cuz U'r not by my side & that ain't right
thought that we bought this bed 4 2, yeah
But what good is it if 'm not with U?

Give me a page on my 2-way
'll hit U back with no delay
When U hear all 've got 2 say
U'r gonna C me
Whether N person or the phone
've got 2 get U all alone
& when do, baby, ooh, it's on
U'r gonna C me

There's never a minute that find, yeah
That U don't ever cross my mind
If U could just hold me tight, U'd C
There's nothin' harder 4 U than me

Give me a page on my 2-way
'll hit U back with no delay

U'r the reason took a rope
& lassoed the moon
2 prove that when it comes 2 U
There's nothin' won't do
'd stare n2 the sun if U would B mine
It's not so great a leap
Since 2 all others am blind

Ooh girl, C, U'r the mother of all
know that 'm not gon' sleep 2night

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