Turn Me Loose
Unreleased track recorded circa 2008 and played on KJLH internet radio (September 24, 2008). Written by Prince.

U don't really know me, U just think U do
It's against the law n 13 states what I wanna do 2 U
Oh baby, oh, U got 2 turn me loose
Uh, hey
If U really love me, then give me what I need
And get ur stuff and get cuz I just might make U bleed
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
Wait a minute, uh

The board behind ur head is about 2 split n 2
Whatever's holdin' up this bed will b here when I'm thru
Oh baby, ha, U better turn me loose
If U like these blankets, U better throw them on the floor
The weather girl's a friend of mine, she said, "When it rains, it pours"
Oh baby, oh girl, U got 2 turn me loose
Oh yeah

I said, "I don't know what U've heard or what U peeped on the internet
What U heard ain't what U see and U ain't seen nothin' yet"
Oh baby, ha, U got 2 turn me loose
Listen 2 me
Once U know the truth, huh, U'll never mind the fiction
What we're about 2 do gon' b ur brand new addiction
Oh baby, uh, U got 2 turn me loose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose

U don't understand, I don't do this nightly
But if I did it once, U'd want me 2 more than likely
Oh baby, oh, U need 2 turn me loose
Oh girl
I'm much 2 hard 2 handle, we could never b more than friends
Speakin' of which, U need 2 learn how 2 dance or never come back again
Oh baby, yeah, U got 2 turn me loose
Turn me loose
Turn me loose
U got 2 turn me loose
Turn me loose
C'mon, c'mon, turn me loose

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