The Screams Of Passion
Unreleased version recorded on August 19, 1984 (w/ Prince vox); re-recorded by The Family (w/ Paul Peterson and Susannah Melvoin lead vox) on July 19, 1985 and released as the 3rd track on the album The Family (August 12, 1985). Later appears on Girl 6 soundtrack (March 19, 1996). Written by Prince.

Whoo Lord...

There's a gentle autumn breeze that blows whenever we b lyin'
Lyin' n my bed
The moon appears and disappears, U look at me, my clothes I quickly
I quickly shed
The curtains dance a minuet, autumn plays the music, baby
Come on, hold my hand
Leaves r fallin' velvet splash, only U and I can under...
Only U can understand
The sunlight draws a picture thru the silky lace that hangs above ur
Hangs above ur door
A picture that is waving, that it seems 2 b with every thrust U
Make me beg 4 more

Oh, a robin sings a masterpiece that lives and dies unheard
4 screams of passion
A sound produced by 2 n love (Oh, 2 n love)
Curtains dance and autumn plays on (On and on)
The screams of passion

All I hear n my head echoing like a volcano, baby
The screams of passion
Back and forth the raging seas of lust, I want U madly
Can't U tell, can't U tell, can't U tell, can't U tell? Ow!
Take me n ur arms, oh baby
The crime is done, I'd rather die here n ur screams of passion
(On the 1) Ooh, hold me now, baby
Tell me that U love me
Is it Sunday or is it passion?
Ooh... Lord
The screams of passion, yeah (Ooh)
Oh Lord
The screams of, the screams of, the screams of passion, passion
Help me Lord, yeah (Here comes my screaming)
Yeah! (Shhh)
Yeah! (Shhh)

The screams of passion
The screams of passion
Ooh, the screams of passion
Ooh, the screams of, the screams of, the screams of passion
The screams of passion

Back and forth the raging seas of lust
Raging, raging (The screams of... passion)
Why don't U love me, baby?
Can't U tell?
Ow (Ooh love)
Is it Sunday? (Ooh love)
I thought I heard a church bell or was it passion?
Passion (Yeah)
The screams of passion
Say, baby? Excuse me, but ah... is that ur passion?
Do U want my passion?
Uh, do U want my passion?
If U want my love, if U want my body, baby
Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let, uh, let me hear ya scream
I want some passion
U know what I'm talkin' about, baby?
I want some passion
U got that, baby?
I want some passion
Uh... I want some passion
Uh, ooh
Uh... yeah, whoo!
Uh, passion
Oh baby, don't do that

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