The Max (Da Da, Da Da)
Unreleased track recorded on February 18, 1988. Written by Prince.

Oh, oh

U tell ur people I've been runnin'
When U know that I have been here all the time
U even said that I was cryin'
I wanna know who put that foolish on ur mind
Da da, da da {repeat}

Contrary 2 popular belief
I'm n a maximum state of relief
Cuz I saw somethin', heard somethin'
I taught somethin', somethin', somethin' (Oh)
And I just called 2 tell U, baby, this is the max
Da da, da da {repeat}

Deep down U r the epitome of goodness
But on the surface U r sin
I'm not 2 wrapped up n myself 2 notice
Ur eyes r like the sound of a Stradivarius violin
They're so n tune, they're so n focus
Da da, da da {repeat}

So contrary 2 whatever U r thinkin'
Let's ride and heed this satisfied 4saken
Just saw somethin', just heard somethin' (Oh)
Just taught somethin', somethin'
And I just called 2 tell U, baby, this is the max
And I want 2 tell U this is the max
This is the max
Oh yeah, whoo-oh

My feelings were daringly
My feelings were daringly, sparingly, caringly, staringly straight n the violin
This is the max, uh
Baby, this is the max

This is what the max is like, I heard what U said
I did, I did
Tell me, uh, tell me
Now we're gonna talk and rewrite the Kama Sutra 2 make it mo' max
I say, say make it mo' max
Honey, can ya, can U get 2 that?
But if U can't, can U get 2 this?
U make me feel by the name
Say, say U wanna feel my pain?
It start with a M and ends with a Y
I can make U dance, U make me cry
And that's all cuz I slide
Watch me work, watch me work, watch me work this ride

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