The Cocoa Boys
(unreleased demo)
Recorded: September 14, 1986
Written by Prince.
© 1986 The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson
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Over on the east side across the river
There was a band called the Cocoa Boys
Their leader was a brother named Frankie, hmph
He was the ladies' pride & joy
Yes he was
Now Frankie had a brother named Joe
& they shared the high-part harmonies
Joe played the bass
Frankie played guitar
& people, mean they was 2 funky
& every Sunday night up on the main strip
There always was a battle
A musical battle of the bands
& if U had the courage
If U had the style
If U had a different trip
U'd have an extra hundred dollars N ur hands

was N a band called Sandra Dee
& honey, we were a sight 4 moral eyes
Everybody N the band had blonde hair
Natural or otherwise
There was an argument as 2 who was gonna go on 1st
guess U could say the Cocoa Boys won
Cuz they had a trombone player the size of a house
Who considered whoopin' punks like us fun

Their show started
Lights were turned off - turn 'em off!
& N the distance the horns blared
The band was on stage
could sorta C Frankie smilin'
Needless 2 say, we were... sorta scared

A single light caught a 3-man
Or was it 2?
They had a 2-man horn section walkin' thru the front door
Playin' the funkiest line 'd ever heard
Frankie started laughin' & the... people roared
Cocoa Boys
Pride & joy, huh
Give the people what they need
Make my ears bleed, Lord
Turn the music up, uh
Cocoa, don't let me down
If U can do it right
U can hear my body sounds
Uh, can U hear it?
Uh, can U hear it, baby?
Uh, can U hear it?
Uh, Cocoa Boys - la la la
Cocoa Boys - la la la
Cocoa Boys - la la, yeah

Dig up
They kicked 4 30 minutes
But they funked so hard
The crowd could hardly walk
We knew we had 2 jam
We knew we needed a little scam
We knew we needed 2 have a talk
We need 2 have a talk
Turn the house lights up!
Give me the mic
Let me start my shit
hate a show-off but know what U like, uh

Turn the house lights up!
Cousin gonna hit a lick on the drum
Band gon' thump all night long
Play ur chords N the low, uh
Let the horns blow, whoo

Yo Frankie, check it out
Me & brothers got somethin' 4 y'all, huh
Everybody jump down on the floor
& do that "Detroit Crawl"

That kinda worked cuz crowd gettin' tired
But we wanted them suckers 2 beg
Huh, the drummer just jumped on the rim
& started 2 ride
We hit the wooden leg
Whoo! Get wit it

The crowd started rockin'
We knew we couldn't lose
We slapped 5, huh
Jump 2 the side
Do the Kangaroo
Kanga-what?! Kangaroo...

But they said we looked 2 freaky
& the Cocoa Boys won
But that's alright
Cuz it was still a blast
The next day at school
kicked Frankie's ass

But that was no good
Cuz then felt bad
Cuz fightin' is the ultimate sin
So the moral of this story is
Always do ur best
1 day U'll win
The end

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