The Cocoa Boys
Recorded: September 14, 1986 (unreleased demo)
Released: September 25, 2020
Album: Sign "" The Times Deluxe (11th track - disc 5)

Written by Prince.
© 2020 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Over on the east side across the river
There was a band called the Cocoa Boys
Their leader was a brother named Frankie, hmph
He was the ladies' pride & joy
Yes he was
Now Frankie had a brother named Joe
& they shared the high-part harmonies
Joe played the bass
Frankie played guitar
& people, mean they was 2 funky
& every Sunday night up on the main strip
There always was a battle
A musical battle of the bands
& if U had the courage
If U had the style
If U had a different trip
U'd have an extra hundred dollars N ur hands
(1 double 0 - hundred dollars)

There was an argument as 2 who was gonna go on 1st
guess U could say the Cocoa Boys won (No!)
Cuz they had a trombone player the size of a house
Who considered whoopin' punks like us fun
"Alright y'all, what's it gon' B?"
Their show started
Lights were turned off - turn 'em off!
& N the distance the horns blared
The band was on stage
could sorta C Frankie smilin'
Needless 2 say, we were... sorta scared

A single light caught a 3-man (2-man)
Or was it 2? (It was 2, man)
They had a 2-man horn section walkin' thru the front door
Playin' the funkiest line 'd ever heard
Frankie started laughin' & the... people roared
Cocoa Boys
Pride & joy, huh
Give the people what they need
Make my ears bleed, Lord
Turn the music up, uh
Cocoa, don't let me down
If U can do it right
U can hear my body sounds
Uh, can U hear it?
Uh, can U hear it, baby?
Uh, can U hear it?
Uh, Cocoa Boys - la la la
Cocoa Boys - la la la
Cocoa Boys - la la, yeah

Dig up
They kicked 4 30 minutes
But they funked so hard
The crowd could hardly walk
We knew we had 2 jam
We knew we needed a little scam
We knew we needed 2 have a talk
We need 2 have a talk
Turn the house lights up!
Give me the mic
Let me start my shit
hate a show-off but know what U like, uh

Turn the house lights up!
Cousin gonna hit a lick on the drum
Band gon' thump all night long
Play ur chords N the low, uh
Let the horns blow, whoo

Yo Frankie, check it out
Me brothers got somethin' 4 y'all, huh
Everybody jump down on the floor
& do that "Detroit Crawl"

That kinda worked cuz crowd gettin' tired
But we wanted them suckers 2 beg
Huh, the drummer just jumped on the rim
& started 2 ride
We hit the wooden leg
Whoo! Get wit it

The crowd started rockin'
We knew we couldn't lose
We slapped 5, huh
Jump 2 the side
Do the Kangaroo
Kanga-what?! Kangaroo...

All the boys & all the girls
U R the new kings of the world
& if U can't love somebody!
4 the tears N ur eyes
4 every king must share his prize

& if U R there
Raise ur hands N the air
Show Him that U care
Everybody share the prize (Hey...)

Bye bye

We R beautiful, it's gonna B a beautiful night {repeat}

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