That Girl Thang
Recorded: February 17, 2013
Released: February 18, 2013 (download)
Website: (only source)

Written by Prince.
© 2013 NPG Records
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Uh-oh... got it again
That girl thang...
Uh-oh... got it again
That girl thang...

That can't wait 2 C my favorite smile again
Girl thang...
Been wrestlin' with these butterflies
A while 've been
Girl thang...
Couldn't take a shower cuz smelled like her
Problem is ain't seen her since the 3rd
& if don't get clean real soon
It might B a minute
B4 make her swoon again...

Uh-oh... it's here again
That girl thang...

When she has 2 do a simple thing
Like run an errand
'm feelin' left alone, unbearin'
am lost again...
The sound of her comin' back 2 play
Is like water 2 a thirsty castaway
My best friend
Girl thang...

Uh-oh... that's got me again, ooh
Oh, that girl thang...

'm her little secret
People think 'm free
Instead of a 5th dimension
Prisoner N ecstacy...
Ooh, got it again
Girl thang...

Uh-oh... got it again
That girl thang...
It's OK even if loose
Girl thang...

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