Te Amo Corazón

Recorded circa 2005 and released as the 3rd track on album 3121 (March 21, 2006). In April 2006, the NPG Music Club released the February 15, 2006 Brit Awards performance (Earls Court, London, England) that featured this track performed with Sheila E. and Wendy & Lisa. Written by Prince.

At 42,000 feet above the sea
That's where U and I 1st came 2 b
From the dust of the earth and the knowledge tree
Te amo corazón {"I love U dear" or "I love U sweetheart"}

At last, I can tell U what I've known so long
My heart's been cryin' out 2 sing this song
I don't care who knows it cuz there's nothing wrong
Te amo corazón

I'm so scared of losing U
I really don't know what I'd do
I can't bare the thought of another day apart
My heart, my heart, corazón {"heart"}

At once when I 1st laid eyes on U
I saw heaven and earth anew
Everyone else saw my brown eyes no longer blue
Te amo corazón
Oh yeah, oh

At 1st I couldn't find the words 2 say
How much U've changed me n every way
And I just wanna thank U, oh, each and every day
Te amo corazón

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