Recorded: September 27, 1984
Released: April 22, 1985
Album: Around The World In A Day (5th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1985 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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Oh my God, here U R
Prettiest thing N life 've ever seen
Close my eyes
What's it like, what's it like inside ur tamborine?
Oh my God, there go
Fallin' N love with a face N a magazine
Uh-oh, not again
All alone by myself me & play my tamborine
Troubling, troubling
Long days, lonely nights
Long days, lonely nights

don't care 4 1-night stands
With trolley cars that juggle 17
just wanna settle down
& play around my baby's tamborine

Tamborine, what R U?
Y R U the star of all my dreams?
(Star of all my dreams, R U a good tamborine?)
R U good, R U bad, R U just unnecessary means?
Tamborine, tamborine, trolley cars

Long days, lonely nights
2 bad we're not allowed 2 scream (Yeah yeah, 2 bad)
Guess that 'll stay at home all alone & play my tamborine!
Ah ah ah... (Aww)
Tamborine, tamborine
Tamborine, tamborine
The tamborine

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