Recorded circa 1996 and released as the 6th track (disc 3) on album Emancipation (November 19, 1996). Written by Prince.

Style, uh
Style (Yeah...)
Dig it (Style)
Style, c'mon, uh

Style is not something that comes n a bottle
Style is more like Jackie O. when she was doin' Aristotle
Style is not a logo that sticks 2 the roof of 1's ass
Style is like a 2nd cousin 2 class, uh

U got it! Style, c'mon, uh
U got it! Style, say what?
U got it! Style, c'mon
U got it! Style, check it

Style ain't sittin' court side with the owner of the team
Style is owning the court and chargin' 'em all a fee
Style is not lusting after someone because they're cool
Style is loving urself till everyone else does 2

U got it! Style, c'mon
U got it! Style, maybe
U got it! Style, well well
U got it! Style

Style don't get drunk on Saturday night
Try 2 dress up every Sunday mornin' bright
Style don't get married then break the vow n a year
Style is keepin' a promise
Raise ur hand, y'all, if U hear me
Style, style

Style is not fighting style when U can't find the funk
Style is the face U make on a Michael Jordan dunk
Style ain't the jeep U bought when U know ur broke ass got bills
Style is lettin' ur lover drive while U talk on the phone and chill

U got it! Style
U got it! Style, maybe, uh
U got it! Style, c'mon
U got it! Style

Style is a gold-tooth smile with an attitude
Style is a peaceful wild postin' the rude
Style is growing ur own food, style is a non-violent march
Style is an accurate account of what's inside every heart (Style)
Style is not a lie, style is a man that cries
Style is the glow n a pregnant woman's eyes
Style, style
Style, style

U got it! Style, c'mon
U got it! Style, do that, do that, uh
U got it! Style, U got it?
U got it! Style, mad, c'mon
Style, U got it! Yeah
Style, U got it! Style is a peaceful wild, y'all
Style, U got it! Style
Style, U got it! Style is not thinkin' about style
So let me stop (Style)

Style, style
It's nice man (Style)
What U call that? (Style)
Style, I like that (Ho)
Haha, it's about me? Haha (Style)
(Keep, keep, keepin' on, people gotta keep, keep, keepin' on)
Right on, haha (Style) (U got it!)
I ain't got no job, haha, but I got style (Style)
Style, ha, yeah, haha...

Style, U got it! (Oh yeah)
Hang on, hang on
Style is buyin' ur moms a house
Style is a clean mouth
Style is puppy breath
Style is no fear of death
Style is Ali's jab
Style is hailin' a cab (Style)
Then U know, givin' 'em the finger when they pass ur ass, uh

Style, U got it! Bonnie, Bonnie
Style, U got it! Oh yeah (Style)
Shelley, shake ur ass, Shelley (Style)
Shelley, Shelley, I love U, Shelley
Style, U got it!

Style is Mayte n the shower (U got it!)
Style is a soul of new power (U got it!)
Style, mm, is when all black men r free (U got it!)
Style is U and me (U got it!)
U got it!
U got it!
U got it!

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