Strays Of The World
Recorded: May 1993
Released: January 29, 1998
Album: Crystal Ball (20th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1998 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Come now all ye strays of the world
There's a place 4 U
N Love's kingdom, boys & girls
All R welcome 2
Strays of the world...
La la la la la

Surrender all ye sad of heart
2day, hold back no tears
The past is gone when we can start
Conquering our fears
Strays of the world...
La la la la la

Strays of the world...
All U boys & girls
All around the world
R welcome 2
Come on N...
Strays of the world...

Fear not all ye lonely ones
Love will find us soon
Then we'll kiss the risin' sun
(A kiss - C the risin' sun)
& make love 2 the moon
Strays of the world (Come on...)
C'mon, strays of the world
Come on N
The door is open (Open up that door)
Hey yeah! (Hey yes...)
Let me hear U say, "Yeah!" {repeat}

Strays of the whole world
Strays... of the world


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