Still Would Stand All Time
Recorded: October 6, 1988
Released: August 20, 1990
Album: Graffit Bridge (15th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1990 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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Ooh oh

It's just around the corner
It's just around the block
This love that 've been waiting 4
A love solid as rock
A love that reaffirms that we R not alone
A love so bright inside U - it glows
& night & day would run 2gether
& all things would B fine
Still would stand all hate around us
Still would stand all time {repeat}

It's not a thousand years away
It's not that far my brother
When men will fight injustice
Instead of 1 another
It's not that far if we all say yes & only try
Then heaven on earth we will find

La la la la la (All time)
Still, still would stand all time

No 1 man will B ruler
There4 love must rule us all
Dishonesty, anger, fear, jealousy
& greed will fall
But love can save us all
Oh love

Love, oh love
If U would just please give us a sign
Still would stand all time
Whoa, heaven! (Heaven on earth)
All! (We all want 2 find)
We all wanna find it
Still would stand all time
We're not alone, people
Tell me, can U C the light?
If U just open ur eyes
(Still would stand all time)
So much U will know
So much U will show
(It's not that far away if we all say yes & give it a try)
Got 2 give it, huh, a try, yes
(Still would stand all time)
say still, oh!
So many times thought could not make it
(Still would stand all time)
Life was closing N
just knew, just knew couldn't take it
That's when love opened its arms
& if U don't go inside
Still would stand all time
U better run 2 the light
Leave ur past behind
All things will B fine
& still would stand all time

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