Sticky Like Glue
Recorded on November 20, 2009 and released as the 4th track on the album 20TEN (July 10, 2010). Written by Prince.


Wheels go down
About 2 land n another dream of U
All night long
Out of town
I had 2 go but now I need a cup of somethin'
Black and strong
Beside me
I was used 2 wakin' up with U here
Now U're gone
Why, oh why
Didn't U hurry along with me this time?
Right or wrong

As a matter of fact, I can't stop thinkin' about U, babe
When we're 2gether, everything is cool
Beautiful lover, friend, I'll never leave U again
U and me, we're sticky like glue

Bright blue eyes
Starin' right n2 mine sayin' "Good morning"
"How r U?"
I can't lie
Wakin' up n a plane without a warning
Ain't 2 cool
Cast ashore
Without a paddle and no more excuses
We just drown
What's the score?
If U still really wanna b my muse then
Come around

As a matter of fact I just can't live without U, babe
I'm wonderin' if U feel the same way 2
I'm huggin' this pillow tight the way we did last night
The sweat of each other sticky like glue

Sticky, sticky, 1, 2
That was the coolest movie ever, the 1 we saw last night (Oh)
The closer U got 2 me, the less we saw, alright
The scene U remember the most is none of 'em
That ain't a boast, girl, I'm just n front of them others
I am a gracious host
Everybody under me make a toast

A matter of fact, I can't stop thinkin' about U, babe
("Sexiest man alive")
When we're 2gether, everything is cool
(People Magazine, ain't even n the top 5)
Beautiful lover, friend, I'll never leave U again
U and me, we're sticky (Oh)
U and me, we're sticky (Sticky, sticky)
U and me, we're sticky like glue

Uh, get it
Oh, sticky like glue (Alright, that's the part)

I got somethin' I wanna say 2 U, baby (Oh)
U might wanna dig me later (Sticky like glue)
I think U better dig me now (Uh, get it girl)
Listen (Oh)
I can't get 2 sleep unless ur body (Sticky like glue)
Unless ur body is right here next 2 me
It's crazy, baby (U know this is crazy) (Oh)
I know we're dysfunctional but I... (Sticky like glue)
I just can't (Can't see myself)
Can't see myself, myself with another, girl (Oh)
Oh, what n the world is wrong with me? (Sticky like glue)
I don't know what's wrong with me, babe

Tell me what 2 do, is it me or U? (Oh)
We fight so much and then we're thru (Sticky like glue)
It might come as a shock 2 U but I...
I still love U (Oh)
Yes I do (Ooh)
Sticky like glue (Sticky, sticky)
Don't U think I ain't when I am?
1 more thing and then I'm out (Ooh)
U get us wet with ur pride (Sticky like glue)
Then U hang us both outside 2 cry, cry (Oh)
What's that sound? Huh, this must b... (Sticky like glue)
Said it must b rainin', rainin' tears, tears, tears
But U need 2 dry ur eyes (Oh)
Please please, baby, don't cry (Sticky like glue)
Cuz I ain't, I ain't goin' nowhere, no
Somebody need 2 tell that girl 1 more time now
Sticky like glue

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