Recorded: Spring 2015
Released: July 30, 2015 (single)
Album: HITnRUN phase two (5th track)

Written by Prince.
© 2015 NPG Records
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Oh baby

1st thing's 1st, we like U 2 stare
We used 2 go on stage N our underwear
We changed up, we got a brand new beat
Now we got the sound that's poppin' N the street
They all stare
Can I help U?
Everybody jam cuz this party's goin' ham, just stare
Can I help U?
Ain't nobody stoppin' cuz we got this party poppin' now

2nd things 1st, we know U got thirst
But we like it when U fiendin' 4 the funk until it hurts yo hair
Can U blame me?
Every time U whip it 2 the beat, it make a brotha just stare
Sister freak me
Nobody got a chance
U need 2 back up & let me show U how 2 dance
Oh yeah
Can get a kiss?

(Hold on)
I pull out at 2
Hurry ma and tell me what U wanna do?
Do U wanna? {panting}
Do U wanna? {panting}
Sexy dancer {panting}
Sexy dancer (Do U wanna?) {panting}

(Do U wanna?) {panting}
U don't want us naked cuz U know we couldn't take it
But we like it when U shake it, baby, careful not 2 break it
(Do U wanna?) {panting}
Don't break it, baby
Don't break it now
(Do U wanna?) {panting}

Last things last, I need ur number fast
'd rather let the music talk while U & me walk n2 the past
N2 the past
Until then

Stare {repeat}

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