Standing In The Rain
Unreleased duet with Ingrid Chavez and Prince vox recorded December 1987. Written by Ingrid Chavez and Prince.

Ingrid: "Hi, fancy meetin' U here"
Prince: "Why U standin' n the rain?"
Ingrid: "I'm thinking"
Prince: "N the rain?"
Ingrid: "Yep, thinkin' about what I wanna b when I grow up"
Prince: "Don't tell me, let me guess"

Ingrid: "Hmm, nope"
Prince: "What will U eat?"
Ingrid: "Hmph, what will I eat?"

Ingrid: "So why r U smilin'?"
Ingrid: "Mmhmm"
Prince: "Cuz I'm happy"
Ingrid: "So then... but... then U must b hungry, right?"

Prince: "Birds?"
Ingrid: "Why?"
Prince: "Why not?"
Ingrid: "Hmm"
Prince: "Bird?"
Ingrid: "Would U fly n the rain?"
Prince: "Oh yeah"
Ingrid: "Oh yeah"
Ingrid: "Oh yeah"
Prince: "Let's go eat"
Ingrid: "OK"

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