Somewhere Here On Earth
Recorded: March 2007
Released: July 15, 2007
Album: Planet Earth (3rd track)

Written by Prince.
© 2007 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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know U'r out there
can feel ur eyes on me
've seen that face a thousand times
If only N my dreams
know U really want me
can feel ur hands on me
really wanna touch U 2
N a way 'm much 2 shy 2 speak

& even tho
'm all alone
4 what it's worth
U'r somewhere here on earth
& like it

know U'r out there
can feel U getting closer 2 me
'm just wondering what U'r waiting 4
U know am free
N this digital age
U could just page me
know it's the rage
But it just don't engage me
Like the face 2 face
U wanna do this at urs or my place?

It's been so long
Since 've been with somebody
Like a million years
But now U'r here on earth
U'r here...

Somewhere here on earth
& like it...
Listen, mm

know U hear me
Like a whisper N ur ear
U don't have 2 fear me
U'r everything hold so dear
know U already love me
U'r probably just 2 cool 2 say
Somebody, somewhere put U down
But that's OK...
Cuz whatever U feel
It's time 2 heal
No, no more hurt
As long as 'm here on earth

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