So Dark
Recorded: January 2, 1993 (original version)
Re-recorded: Circa 1994
Released: January 29, 1998
Album: Crystal Ball (8th track - disc 1)

Written by Prince.
© 1994 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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So dark, so dark

Inside lookin' out my window
don't C nothin' but rain
Sun up N the sky justa shinin'
Still 'm lost N my shadow of pain

Like an innocent man that's on death row
don't understand what made U go
& wanna leave me, baby
Mmm, leave me N the dark
Can U tell me, tell me?

U took my sex & my money
U took all my self-esteem
Yes U did
U had the nerve 2 think it was funny
never knew a bitch so mean
Ow! Yes sir

U absolutely drove a man 2 tears
All really know is that U sincerely wanna hurt me, baby
Oh, yes U do
U wanna hurt me N the dark

Somebody make the sun shine
Dark cloud
Somebody take this dark cloud away

Just as sure as Noah built the ark
That's how sure am U broke my heart
How could U, baby
Mmm, leave me N the dark?

Mmm, baby
Ooh, it's so dark
(So dark, so dark) {repeat}
Feel like the sun ain't never gonna shine
U left me N the dark
don't know, don't know Y we ever had 2 part
Baby, can't C a damn thing out my window, it's so dark

Mmm, sometimes want 2 curse the ground U walk on
Even when know that everything U feel, feel it 2
wanna curse U, baby
Ooh, U left me N the dark

& now want 2 curse U, baby ( wanna curse U, baby)
4 leavin' me alone... (U left me N the dark)
Ooh, yes U did
& now all wanna say is...
Ooh, N the dark
Ow! Ha! U left me
Ow! U left me

It's like bein' on death row (Ooh, N the dark)
don't understand Y U had 2 go
don't understand Y U hurt me N the dark
Don't understand Y U hurt me N the dark
Don't understand Y U hurt me...!
Just leave me N the dark

Ooh, ooh
U left me N the dark
Ooh, N the dark

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