She Loves Me 4 Me
Recorded circa 2001 and released as the 11th track on the album The Rainbow Children (October 16, 2001). Written by Prince.


With this 1 I can b what I wanna b
I don't have 2 live up 2 no 1's fantasy
I could write another 300 melodies but 2 her it's just 3
Cuz this 1, she loves me 4 me
Mmm ooh

With this 1 I don't even have 2 comb my hair
I can wear what I want 2 or nothin', she don't care
I don't even have 2 take her on the roller coaster, see?
Cuz this 1, this 1, uh, she loves me 4 me

N the mornin' when I rise and see her eyes look deep n2 mine
I find a better place, oh

With this 1 I can tell all my secrets 2
I don't need 2 make her swear, she would never tell anywho
Besides I'm the only 1 she ever really wants 2 see
Cuz this 1, honestly, she loves me 4 me

When the night falls and she calls, I run 2 her side
Cuz she got the ride that I like 2 ride
I like 2 ride it

With this 1 I can take over my mama's house
And I don't have 2 worry what goes n and out her mouth
All she needs is just a little gratuity
She don't like no beef, uh, she just loves me 4 me
She just loves me 4 me
This 1, this 1, oh
She loves me 4 me

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