Sexual Suicide
Original unreleased version recorded on August 10, 1985 for the aborted Dream Factory album. Released as the 7th track (disc 2) on album Crystal Ball (January 29, 1998). Written by Prince.


Baby, if U take a walk
Take a walk and leave me behind
Baby, U gonna walk, yeah
Gonna walk right out of ur mind
We were meant 2 b
Got no reason, reason 2 lie
Baby, if U take a walk
People gonna talk sexual suicide

Baby, if U only knew
All the love, all the love that's deep n my heart
Ooh baby, me and U
Wouldn't b nothin' that could tear us apart
Honey, uh, every night
Cool surrender lost n my arms
U, U feel so right
Doin' it n the cuff sounds ur alarm
Baby, come take a walk
People gonna talk sexual suicide

Ain't no body like my body, baby
Ain't no ride like my ride
Super skinny-minded baby if U try 2 leave me, baby
Sexual suicide

Sugar, ain't it a shame
That U won't play the game, U got 2 much pride
Sugar, U made ur bed
But U gotta sleep with the sexual, sexual suicide
Sexual, sexual suicide (Sexual, uh-huh, sexual suicide)
Girl (Sexual, uh-huh, sexual suicide)
Sexual, uh-huh, sexual suicide {repeat}
If U take a walk (Sexual, uh-huh, sexual suicide)
People gonna talk (Sexual, uh-huh, sexual suicide)

Somebody flip me over
Any liars n the house?
Hey! Hahaha

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