Recorded early 2005 and released as the 7th track on album 3121 (March 21, 2006). A live version was streamed via website (March 26, 2005) and as the 6th track on album Indigo Nights (September 30, 2008). Written by Prince.

B4 we get started
R we all alone?
Cuz I'm about 2 get open-hearted
It's time 2 send ur company home
Turn off ur cell phone
Baby, can't U see I just wanna getcha satisfied?

This is gonna b a long night
A little bit longer afternoon
Girl, if we get this thing right
Ooh, U gonna get satisfied real soon

(Can't U see?) Baby, can't U see? (I'm just tryin')
That I wanna get U satisfied
Oh (Satisfied)

I ain't talkin' about nothin' physical
Cuz 4play starts n the mind
I'm just tryin' 2 get U 2 think about doin' things
That U've always wanted but could never find
I'm gonna seek this thing like a buried treasure
(Seek and destroy) Like Columbus sailin' over the sea
Till I discover, baby, the land beyond expertise and chastity
Ooh yeah
I'm just tryin', tryin', I'm just tryin' 2 get U satisfied
Oh satisfied

I'm sure U had another lover
But let me tell U, baby, all tricks aside
I can get U out of ur body
Have U ever felt like U were dyin' and felt satisfied?

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