Release It
Recorded: Summer 1989 (Morris Day vox)
Released: August 20, 1990
Album: Graffit Bridge (3rd track)

Written by Prince & Levi Seacer, Jr.
© 1990 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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Yo Stella, if U think 'm afraid of U
Grace, if U so much as think can't do the do
Girl, if U dream came 2 jerk around
U better wake up
& release it

1 2, mm
Party people N the crib get hyped
Let's get this party funkin' right, come on (Yeah)
Come on
Release it
Listen 2 me now, release it (Yeah)
Come, c'mon, come on, release it (Yeah)

Who's crib is this? My crib!
Whose wine U drinkin'? Mine!
Who asked ur ugly ass what time it was? Nobody!
We doin' fine
Take it all off! Bass
need the funk N my face
can't stand tight asses N my place
Let's get hyped, y'all
Release it
Yeah, release it
What time it is? Band (Time 2 get sleazy up N here)
Mary sweet mother Jesus (Yeah) (Talk that talk, Morris)
Mmm (Yeah)

Oh Stella, know U came alone
Cuz ain't just any man qualified 2 take U home
Me? No, 'm not a man
Jerome ("He's an adventure")
Oh, somebody slap me
don't know
Party people N the crib get hyped (Yeah) {repeat}
Release it, yes
Yeah, release it

Jerome ("Yo?")
When the solo's thru
Jerome ("Morris")
Find me a Stella 2 rap 2 ("Yes") (Yeah)

Who's beat is this? (My beat!)
Who's horns R these blowin'? (Mine!)
Oh, who asked ur dumb ass how 2 catch a groove? (Nobody!)
We doin' the do
Jerome ("Yes")
Who's Stella is this? ("My Stella") {repeat}
Then what's she doin' over here with me? ("Uhmm")
What's she doin' over here with me? ("Uhh")
Who told U that women like men with no money? ("Pfft, right")
Release it, boy
Go on Stella, dance!
Say man, back up, give her some room
Shake it like a peckerwood!
Release it

Over & over & over & over & over
Ur girlfriends told U that 'm the rover
But 'm here 2 scold U that if U live alone
Then we can bone
Gimme a number 2 phone
U grown & am so
If U say no
Instead of cryin' 'll keep tryin'
Until U'r dyin' 2 have me 4 ur own
So, peep Stella, peep Stella
If U thinkin' 'm afraid of U ("Do it, MD")
If U thinkin' 'm afraid of U ("Rap 2 her")
If U thinkin' can't do the do ("Yeah, papa")
If U thinkin' can't do the do (Whoo)
If U think came 2 jerk around ("Go'n say it")
U better wake up, Stella (Wake up!)
This is my town
Release it
Man, let them drums kick
Let's get the hell outta here ("Let's do it, giddy-up")
Release it (Yeah)
Motherfucker, get ur ass outta my way ("Hahaha...") (Yeah)
Yeah, release it {repeat}

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