Recorded early 2003 and released as NPG Music Club download (May 29, 2003) and as the 12th track on album Musicology (March 27, 2004). Written by Prince.

2 sevens 2gether like time, indefinite
Try 2 catch the glass b4 it falls
Without a frown can U turn up the stereo?
I wanna play U this old song, it's about love
Huh, can I do that?

Did we remember 2 water the plants 2day?
I 4got 2 look up at the moon because
I was 2 busy, said I was 2 busy
I was 2 busy lookin' at U, baby

Still it's nice 2 know that uh...
When bodies wear out, we can get another
What does that 1 thing have 2 do with the other 1?
I don't know, I was just thinkin' about my mother

U know what? Turn the stereo back down
Ain't nothin' worse than an old worn out love song
Tell me, do U like my hair this way?
Remember all the way back n the day
When we would compare who's afro was the roundest

Mirrored tiles, huh, above the bed
Fishin' nets and posters all over the walls
Oh yes
Sometimes I just wanna go sit out on the stoop and hmph...
Play my guitar
Just watch all, all the cars go by

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