Recorded: Circa 1995
Written by Prince.
© 1995 The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson
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It's playtime
It's playtime, baby
It's playtime
It's playtime, baby

Turn off the lights, uh
Light a candle
wanna C U ride, uh
C if U can handle
A girl like me
When 'm N the mood, uh
U got 2 B, uh
My dirty dude

It's playtime, hmm Lord
It's playtime, baby
Sho' U right
It's playtime, hmm ooh
It's playtime, baby

2 the river
wanna C U go
Down on me, sugar
Don't U B 2 slow
got the water, uh
If U got the glass
got the car, ooh
If U got the gas

Oh playtime, Lordy, mmm
It's playtime, baby
U think it ain't?
Playtime - it's playtime
It's playtime, baby

U can rock me
If U play the guitar
U don't have 2 really
If U think that U R
That's the way it should B, baby
Everything's cool
Long as U R n2 me
Then 'll B n2 U
'm gettin' n2 U, ooh

'll show U mine
If U show me urs
Don't close the window
Don't close the door
Ooh, baby
U better read the sign
There ain't no reward
Unless U do the crime

Hey, it's that time
Mmm, it's playtime, baby
Sho' U right
It's playtime, ooh-oh
It's playtime, baby
wanna get dirty

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