P. Control
(House Mix)
Recorded: Summer 1995
Released: December 3, 1995
Promo cassette: VH-1 Fashion Awards

Written by Prince.
© 1995 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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Welcome 2 the Dawn
U have just assessed the Beautiful Experience

This is a tale about control
Feline, that is
But please don't B a victim of the 30-second bite
Listen 2 the words carefully
They R meant 2 uplift & enlighten
All the members of the female persuasion
So that no woman ever becomes a slave

Good mornin' ladies & gentlemen
Boys & motherfuckin' girls
This is ur captain with no name speakin'
& 'm here 2 rock ur world
With a tale that will soon B classic
About a woman U already know
No prostitute, she but the mayor of ur brain
Pussy Control (R U ready?)

Aaah, Pussy Control - oh {repeat}

Our story begins N a schoolyard
A little girl skippin' rope with her friends
A-tisket, a-tasket
No lunch N her basket
Just school books 4 the fight
She would B N 1 day over this hoodie
She got beat 4 some clothes & a rep
With her chin up, she scolded
"All y'all is molded
When 'm rich, on ur neck will step"
& step she did 2 the straight A's
Then college, a Master's degree
She hired the heifers that jumped her
& made every1 of them work 4 free?
No! Y?
So what if my sisters R trifling?
They just don't know
She said, "Mama didn't tell 'em what she told me
Girl, U need pussy control" (R U ready?)

Aaah, Pussy Control - oh {repeat}
Breakdown (R U ready 4 the best pussy U ever felt?) {repeat}

With 1 more verse 2 the story
need another piece of ur ear
wanna hip U all 2 the reason
'm known as the players of the year

R U ready?
Aaah, Pussy Control - oh

Get wild
Get wild like U know U need 2
Pick a funky outfit, short & C-thru
Versace got it goin' on N the gold mesh
Won't U try it on 2night when U get dressed?
Get Wild's the only aroma that my nose'll C
Won't U spray a little where U think 'm gonna B?
& U know, U know what shoes 2 wear
The ones so high, U'r scared
Peace & B wild
Don't think about callin' her a ho
Juvenile delinquent

don't care what U've been told, Pussy got U N control
Oh, Pussy Control
Breakdown, uh (Some tongue up N that pussy)
{repeat lines}
Pussy Control

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