Orgasm (aka Poem)
Using the guitar solo from "Private Joy" (recorded August 16, 1981) and Vanity's vox from unreleased "Vibrator" (recorded summer 1983), track was recorded spring 1993 for the Glam Slam Ulysses stage-show. It was released as promo single titled "Come" in Germany only (Autumn 1994) and 10th track (edited w/ segues used between other tracks) on album Come (August 16, 1994). Written by King Solomon (Song of Songs) & Prince.

Lie down beneath my shadow
Lie down beneath my shadow with great delight
And ur fruit will b sweet 2 me
My left hand under ur head while my right embraces time
Therein, my virgin, love's wine
Lie down, fair 1, and come away
Till the rain is over and gone
I wanna top the rose petals that whisper sweet
Come on

"Ready or not, here I come"
Come on ("Oh")
Come on
Don't b shy, it's only U and I
Isn't that what U want? ("Oh yeah")
"Oh... here I come"
Come on then ("Oh...")
Keep going ("Oh...")
Keep going ("Oh... oh yeah")
Keep going ("Oh...")
"Here I, here I, here I come"
"Oh..." (Come with me)
Come ("Oh...")
Imagine what U look like from across the room ("Oh...")
U're almost there
"Ooh... oh yeah"
I love U

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