One Nite Alone...
Recorded spring 2001 and released as download via NPG Music Club (January 17, 2002) and as the 1st track on album One Nite Alone... (May 14, 2002). A live version was released on One Nite Alone... Live! (November 24, 2002). Written by Prince.

N a pale blue spotlight a figure spins around
And a voice calls out 2 U, baby - "Do U like the sound?"

The undulating acrobat ready 2 do ur bidding says
"Come, U must let me dress U
But 1st I must do a fitting
Do U like it fast or do U like it slow?
I know it's better if we make it up as we go
And oh, by the way, tell me now, what's ur name?
I'll let it sweeten my tongue just once and never speak it again
Since this is our little secret
Just once and never speak it again, this is our little secret"

Untarnished memory n a pale blue spotlight
"Oh, let me hear U scream
If U're ready 4 1 night alone with me"

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