On The Couch
Recorded circa 2003 and released as the 10th track on Musicology album (March 27, 2004) and B-side to Musicology CD-single (April 22, 2004). Written by Prince.

Come on, baby
Don't make me sleep on the couch
No no no
"Love Jones" is on the TV again, baby
I wanna go down south, yeah

Come on, baby
Come on, baby
U know it's undignified, undignified 2 sleep alone
Oh yes it is
That's what all the people ain't got nobody do
U know they do
Talkin', talkin' on the telephone

Don't make me crash (Ooh)
Don't U do it, baby, don't U do it
Don't make me sleep without ur kiss
Oh darlin', without ur kiss (Don't make me do it)
Tossin' and a-turnin' (Baby...)
Every inch of me yearnin' (Baby...)

Don't U make me... suffer 4 this, oh
I know... that we agreed 2 b married
U know I know
U shouldn't let me unzip ur dress
Why'd U do it, baby?
Why'd U do it? Oh yeah
Confess U tease unless U please... ooh
Don't make me, don't make me sleep on the couch
No no no no

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