Old Friends 4 Sale (unreleased version)
Recorded on April 20, 1985 for Parade album but removed; re-recorded circa 1991 w/ new lyrics and released as the 8th track on the album The Vault... Old Friends 4 Sale (August 24, 1999). Written by Prince.

The sun set n the west this mornin'
4 I know, I know L.A. is callin'
Bad news, Steve said, and people r talkin'
They say ur kingdom is fallin', yeah
They say U lost ur fire
When another musician U hire
Little do they know U wouldn't have passed go
Unless they could take U higher

The sun set n my heart this afternoon
4 2 friends of mine got stuck n the snow
N Uptown when winter's alarmin', oh
Cocaine becomes charmin'
But U talk about things U don't know
I... I know no matter how pleasant ur past was
Green and white return 2 blue
U're happy as long as ur last buzz
And then U think U want somethin' new, yes

The sun, the sun set n my mind this evenin'
4 someone who said they would die 4 me
Sold some, they sold some old pictures and all my little memories
Chump change is 2 unravel the mystery, haha
But life is no fun, life ain't no fun without fantasy
Some things r better left unsaid
And some people r better left untrusted
Maybe, maybe, maybe it'll all make sense when I'm dead
When I'm dead

Old friends 4 sale
Get 'em while the gettin' is hot
Watch out, they'll kiss U until they get what U got
And they'll show U the friends that they're not
Old friends 4 sale

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