Objects In The Mirror
Recorded spring 2001 and released as the 6th track on album One Nite Alone... (May 14, 2002). Written by Prince.

That's my favorite time with U
Just after we make a movie
The kind that requires the title "Parental Advisory"
Let's brush our teeth n the same sink
Don't worry, girl, it's cool
We can pose n the mirror
I'm diggin' U diggin' on me and me diggin' on U

We hooked up now, I can try her
I can put my load n the dryer
So much we can share
The same height, weight and body fluid
We hooked up now, we can do it
I've been waitin', baby, but it's so hard 2 bear
When the objects n the mirror
The objects n the mirror r closer, closer, closer than they appear

Da da da...

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