Prince ft. T.C. Ellis
"New Power Generation (Pt. 2)"

We R the New Power Generation (Oh) {repeat}
Don't pick my apples
Don't pick my peaches
Leave my tree alone
Leave it alone, leave it alone
Don't U look at me

If U'r sad & U know it
& U think U wanna blow it
Look up N the sky
Love is there
Oobey shoo doo loo B doo, loo fly me shoo koo doo ooh {repeat}

Kid, Kid, got 2 do this ("Yo")
got the noise
got 2 do this, man
"Then pump the big noise, c'mon, N the house"

This here rap's about a true confession
If U listen close, U'r about 2 learn a lesson
U must know failure b4 success
Now this is the failure must confess ("Well")
was hangin' on2 life tryin' 2 deal with this
Playin' the games, almost got dismissed
Cocaine was the thing that took on
& nowhere was the place that was goin' ("Preach brother, c'mon")
must tell the truth, cannot lie
was headed 4 the kill, steal, destroy & die
Top 2 the bottom 2 bottom 2 top
Success is where 'm headed, there ain't no doubt
Success is somethin' that we all want
But the truth is what we need 2 reach that point
had 2 give this message, the stone cold truth
hope there's somethin' N it that's there 4 U
Like said b4, 'ma tell U again
(Love 2 the left of me, love 2 the right)
Success is somethin' that B within
So remember the truth, U can't go wrong
(Come on, make some noise somebody)
The flesh is weak but the spirit is strong
(Party 2night - oh yeah!)
know how 2 do this rap & know it's right
(Love 2 the left of me, love 2 the right)
Cuz did it N the name of Jesus Christ
Come on, somebody, let's party 2night
(Come on, make some noise somebody)
(Party 2night - oh yeah!)

U want me 2 what? (Shake!)
Yo, what? (Shake! Shake!)

The New Power Generation has just taken control

© 1990 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records