Neurotic Lover's Bedroom
Recorded: Circa 1977
Written by Prince.
© 1977 The Prince Estate
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Welcome 2 the neurotic lover's bedroom, baby
Where just about anything can happen
Multifaceted sex devices blow ur mind from every angle
Have U tried the lotus position while being strangled?
Well, step inside & peel off ur inhibitions, baby
The fun has just begun

Ahh, hello, my sweet
Want some stuff?
Help urself unless, of course, ahh...
U'r high enuff
Take off ur clothes
wanna show U a trick
But 1st, 'd like U 2 meet a friend of mine
Say hello 2 my... oh... that's it
Hold it right there
Don't move
got the jam, baby
If U the groove
It ain't nothin' but a hammer, baby
& U got the block
Mmm, stop drivin', baby
Let's rock

R U ready?
said, "R U ready?"
Well, if U'r ready
Take this, uh

Do U know what 'm talkin' about now?
Ahh, U R definitely holding some tomatoes, baby
Right there

Tune N next week, baby
4 another adventure from the neurotic lover's bedroom
Where anything can happen (Be safe)
That's the place that always the multifaceted sex devices
That will blow ur mind from every angle
If U ever try the lotus position
Try it while U'r being strangled
U understand what 'm sayin'?
mean get a rope & strangle urself (Then choke)
If U can't do it urself
Have some1 do it but strangle
U know what mean?
mean blue face
Just... U know... the works
Do it up
If U'r gonna do it, do it right

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