Melody Cool
Recorded: July 9, 1987 (unreleased Prince version)
Given 2: Mavis Staples
Released: August 20, 1990
Album: Graffit Bridge (14th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1990 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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've seen a many bridges N my time
& crossed every 1 of 'em with no trouble at all
had trials & tribulations
Heartaches & pains (Well, that's alright)
Survived 'em all, baby (Uh-huh, say it... girl)
Hmph, 'm still Melody
& 'm still Cool
Melody Cool (Yeah... hahaha)

(Melody) (Ow) {repeat}
They call me Melody Cool
was here long b4 U
If U'r good, will love ya
But 'm nobody's fool
'm Melody Cool

When was born, there were tidal waves
Whole town went under - nobody saved
At every funeral it rained
Every time sang
Melody Cool

(Melody) (Ow) {repeat}
La da da da...
have been here much longer, longer than U
'm Melody Cool

Well now, everybody runnin' around
Talkin' about savin' souls
When they know good & plenty well
They got enuff trouble tryin' 2 save their own
(Well, that's alright)
Woo-oh (Say it... girl) (C'mon, honey)
No, no

(Melody) (Ow) {repeat}
Every woman & every man
1 day they just got 2 understand
That if we play N the same key
Everything would B Melody Cool, oh
Huh... oh
What's ur name?

New Power, wave ur hand
Everybody sing now across the land
Say, "Hey hey hey" (Hey hey hey) {repeat}
They call me Melody Cool
(Melody Cool) {repeat sample}
Halt Melody
Look here, youngin

(Melody Cool) {repeat sample}
Let me give U a piece of some good advice
& do get paid 4 counselin' - huh
There ain't no big 's & little U's N my life (Ahh)
So that's Y U C...
(Melody) {repeat}
They call me Melody Cool
was here long b4 U
If U'r good, will love U
But 'm nobody's fool
'm Melody Cool
Melody Cool {repeat}
Long b4 U

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