Live 4 Love
Recorded: December 1989 (unreleased version)
Released: October 1, 1991
Album: Diamonds And Pearls (13th track)

Written by Prince & Tony M.
© 1991 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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"Launch procedure commence
Countdown start
10 9 8 7 6 5 4..."
Get goin'
"Acceleration n2 temporal state continuum now beginning"

(Live 4 love) {repeat}
30,000 feet & still counting
The attack on my plane is steadily mounting
They killed my buddy, 'm supposed 2 feel nothing
How can live 4 love?

'm calling...
Live 4 love, live 4 love
{repeat lines}

(Live 4 love) {repeat}
Kicked out of my home at 17 (Get outta here!)
A real family, now what does that mean?
Don't nobody know the trouble 've seen (Leave me alone!)
How can live 4 love?

'm calling...
Live 4 love, live 4 love
{repeat lines}

My mission, so they said
Was just 2 drop the bombs
"Acceleration n2 temporal state continuum now beginning"
Just like got no conscience
Just like got no qualms
"Alpha 7, acknowledge"
Now what does that mean?
Say, go Tommy go...
So here, my target is approaching
The angel on my shoulder starts coaching
"Live 4 Love, without love U don't live" (Ooh)
Boom! take a deep breath
Is it boom! Life?
Is it boom! Death?
Live 4 love

(Live 4 love) {repeat}
Maybe was better off staying N school
But everybody said flying planes was cool
It's so easy 4 them 2 say cuz they never have 2 go thru
How can live 4 love?

'm calling...
Live 4 love, live 4 love
{repeat lines}

(Live 4 love) {repeat}
Damn, got hit
But still complete the mission
flash upon my whole life
Justa steady wishin'
The choice U make is vital
So at the end of my recital
say, U got 2 live 4 love

Get goin'
Live 4 love {repeat}

Live 4 love, without love U don't live
& how U make it is based on what U'r givin' back
N fact, only a few of us slip thru the cracks
Thru generations, the cards have always been stacked against us
2 love each other is a must (Live 4 love)
If we just trust & cut the fuss
Believe me, unity is a must
Listen everybody - as spread the word
Everything is hazy when ur vision's blurred
'm kickin' reality N the streets of the city
There's this mentality, what goes around comes around
& gangk any clown who ain't down
With the colors that U'r sportin' 'round
Listen G, U R supposed 2 B
Strivin' 2 B the best that U can B
So stop tryin' 2 dominate & push & shove (Live 4 love)
C'mon, y'all - we got 2 live 4 love
Live 4 love {repeat}

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