Killin' At The Soda Shop
Unreleased track (w/ Jill Jones vox) recorded May 29, 1985 for her self-titled Paisley Park album. Written by Prince.

Every Friday night there's a place I used 2 like 2 hang out after school
The boys used 2 die over who they thought was finer
Me or my girlfriend Lulu
Killin' at the soda shop

All pushed up n a pink-dot mini dress all the others girls would do
No 1 could tell me or Lulu about dressin'
Ice cream melted when we was n the room
Killin' at the soda shop

Now Lulu had a boyfriend with a jealous heart
Who looked at her like a miner looked gold
And if she looked up, she got n big trouble
I believe the man is cold, cold, cold
He said he saw her lookin' at the soda jerk like she wanted a real sundae
So he hit her n the eye, she started 2 cry
Then she reached 4 her brother's switchblade
Killin' at the soda shop
Killin', killin', killin' at the soda shop

Everybody ran when she stabbed him n the hand
Baby, did I scream loud!
A kaleidoscope of colors n eyes, we decide
"Hey, we're havin' some fun now"
Killin' at the soda shop

"Damn, was that banana shake the most?"
I said 2 Lulu as we ran 2 the car
The boyfriend followed us all the way home
4 once I'm glad she lived so far
Killin' at the soda shop

Lulu left the keys 2 her crib on the ter, on the ter, on the terrace
And a man started screaming and I saw the neighbors begin 2 stab
Stab, stab, stab
And I said, "Lulu, we gotta go," and we did this time doin' 65
Thank God when a cop pulled us over, he saw Lulu cryin'
Killin' at the soda shop

We told him the story and he let us go but still we get her keys
Lulu's boyfriend was there
We didn't care cuz Lulu and I do what we please
Killin' at the soda shop

I never saw so much blood
Damn, U were left bleeding as people get stabbed n the ear
Boy, was I scared, we gotta get outta here
Lulu frozen by fear
Killin' at the soda shop

We got our keys and split, I must admit this is only a dream
Who would ever fight over somethin' so trite as ice cream?

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