Just Like U (Monologue)
Recorded live in London on September 17, 2007 and released as 5th track on live album Indigo Nights (September 30, 2008). Written by Prince.

Yeah, I used 2 b just like U
Summertime n New York
Walkin' around, just havin' a good time
Lookin' at all the girls
All the girls lookin' at me
2 tell me 2 get out of the way so they could see my cuter friend
Oh, I hang around, I hung around with the...
With the cute dudes so I could... U know
U know
The big tall... U know, dark, handsome
I... that's me, I b right with them so U know, I could...
Whatever they didn't want, I could just...
"Hi, U think we could... oh, nevermind"
But those days r gone
I can't even go outside no more
U think I don't miss it?
Yeah, I miss it
Then some crazy fool come up 2 me with a camera
And he got 6 other crazy fools with him
And he said, "If I could just a picture of U and Michael Jackson 2gether"
"If I could just... I could retire Prince, just let me get it"
That's why...
That's when I knew things had changed
Now inside I'm still the same
Something else changed
Inside I'm still the same
Something else changed
Y'all say it, don't rush, say it (Ooh)
Lay back, ooh
Oh yeah, c'mon (Ooh)
On the 1, 1 more (Ooh)

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