Recorded June 2015 and released as the 11th track on the album HITnRUN phase one (September 7, 2015). Written by Prince & Joshua Welton.

Pasta simmers on the stove n June
Makes no sense yet but it will soon
Conversation starters come way 2 hard
Nobody wants 2 b the martyr playin' the wrong cards
Why did U come 2 this planet, why did U come 2 this life?
How can U b everybody's dream and still b somebody's wife?
Tell me, what did U have 4 lunch 2day?
That's right, how would I know?
How would I know?

U're off somewhere being free
While I starve n the lonesome cold
Our bodies got used 2 each other
Now they're used 2 the sound
Of Richie Havens' voice on the vinyl spinnin' round and round
Round and round
Sometimes I feel like I was born way 2 late
Should have been born on the Woodstock stage
But I'm just here waiting and waiting and waiting

Somebody famous had a birthday 2day
But all I saw was another full moon
What's that?
Something's burnin' on the stove
It must b the pasta, must b the pasta
Oh yeah, it's June

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