Joy In Repetition
Recorded: July 17, 1986
Released: August 20, 1990
Album: Graffit Bridge (8th track)

Written by Prince.
© 1990 NPG Records, excl. 2 Warner Records
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He liked 2 frequent this club
Down up on 36th
Pimps & thangs like 2 hang outside
& cuss 4 kicks
Talking 2 no 1 N particular
They say, "The baddest am 2night"
4-letter words R seldom heard
With such dignity & bite

All the poets & the part-time singers
Always hang inside
Live music from a band plays a song
Called "Soul Psychodelicide"
The song's a year long
& had been playing 4 months
When he walked n2 the place
No 1 seemed 2 care
An introverted "This is it" look
On most of their faces

Up on the mic repeatin' 2 words (Da da da...)
Over & over again
Was this woman he had never noticed
B4 he lost himself N the articulated manner
N which she said them
These 2 words
A little bit behind the beat
mean just enuff 2 turn U on
4 every time she said the words
Another 1 of his doubts were gone
Should he try 2 rap 2 her?
Should he stand & stare?
No 1 else was watching her
She didn't seem 2 care
So over & over she said the words
Until he could take no more

He dragged her from the stage
& 2gether they ran thru the back door
N the alley over by the curb
He said, "Tell me, what's ur name?"
She only said the words again
& it started 2 rain
2 words falling between the drops
& the moans of his condition
Holding some1 is truly believing
That there's joy N repetition
There's joy N repetition {repeat}
She said, "Love me, love me"
What she say?
She said, "Love me, love me"

Joy N repetition (Y don't U love me, baby?)
Joy N repetition (Y can't U love me, baby?)
Joy N repetition (Come on & love me, baby)
Joy N repetition (Alright) {repeat}
Joy N repetition (All my wishes add up 2 1)
Joy N repetition (Love me) {repeat}
Joy N repetition ( wanna say it again)
Joy N repetition ( think wanna say it again)
Joy N repetition ( got 2 go way up high & say, "Love me")
Joy N repetition (Haha - said, "Love me")
Joy N repetition (Love me) {repeat}
There's joy N repetition

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