Recorded circa 2007 & released as 9th track on Bria Valente's album Elixer (3rd disc of Lotusflow3r set - March 24, 2009). Written by Prince & Bria Valente. Click to open printable lyrics.
Come N

Very adept N the art of healing
A voice spoke up 2 her sayin' come N
She's lost 4 words describin' the feeling
Whatever it is, it will never end, no

Very adept N the art of listening
She studied everything she needed 2 know
Her dreams now turned 2 the water glistening
& the words, "Come N & go"

Come N & go 2 a place where time, it has no meaning
& a space where there are no more walls
Very adept N the art of receiving
She finally got the call
Come N, come N, go
Immersion, immersion

Very adept N the art of releasing
She let all of her inhibitions go
With the unexpected shock of a bee sting
She got pulled n2 the future & n2 the new world...

Welcome 2 the place much faster than time
The true reality, where only peace U'll find
Come N, come N, go
Immersion, immersion, immersion

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