Recorded circa 1998 and released via NPG Music Club download (July 7, 2001) and 5th track on album The Slaughterhouse (March 29, 2004). Writtten by Prince.

All U can hear is the sound of my voice
Every time I touch ur face
U're gonna fall n2 a deep sleep
A deep sleep
A deep sleep

U r the reason I believe that I was born
U're always there 2 hold me whenever I am scorned
I'd give my left hand just 2 know ur name
Shall I call U savior just the same?

Hypnoparadise, oh
Hypnoparadise, oh

Am I n heaven or hypnoparadise?
This must b heaven cuz hell was never nice
I don't need permission 2 b happy every day
As long as I got a freak like U, I'm straight

Hypnoparadise, oh
Hypnoparadise, oh
Oh paradise

Touch me, I'll go under any spell U choose
I don't mind the loss, my dear, when it comes 2 U, I'd lose
I can deem them all 2 b wrong as long as U r right
This is my destiny: hypnoparadise
Paradise (It's so nice)

Hypnoparadise (Oh yes)
Oh (U say U wanna get it on)
Hypnoparadise (Oh yes)
Oh (Oh yes, oh yeah)

U r the reasons that I was born (Hypnoparadise, oh)
U were always there, baby, when I am scorned
I'd give my left hand just 2 know ur name
My savior every day, yeah ooh

Hypnoparadise, oh (Oh yeah...)
Hypnoparadise, oh (C'mon... oh yes...)
Hypnoparadise {repeat}
Hypnoparadise, oh (Hypnoparadise) {repeat}

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