How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
Recorded on April 26, 1982 & released as B-side to 1999 single (September 24, 1982); later on The Hits / The B-Sides (1993), Girl 6 soundtrack (1996) & (along w/ "Take 2" version) 1999 Deluxe (2019). Live versions were released on One Nite Alone... Live! (2002), 1999 Deluxe (2019) & Prince And The Revolution: Live (2020). Written by Prince. Click to open printable lyrics.

Oh yeah

keep ur picture beside my bed, mm
& still remember everything U said, mm
always thought our love was so right
guess was wrong, ooh
always thought U'd B by my side, mama
Now U'r gone
What wanna know, baby
If what we had was good
How come U don't call me anymore?
Yeah, oh anymore

still light the fire on a rainy night
still like it better when U'r holding me tight
OK, now umm...
Everybody said, everybody said that we should never part
Ooh yeah
guess they thought we looked kinda cute 2gether, whataya say?
Tell me baby, baby, baby
Y, Y'd U wanna go & break my heart?
Y'd U wanna do it, baby?
All wanna know, baby
If what we had was good
How come U don't call me anymore? Yeah
Y don't U call me, girl?
Oh yeah, ooh, oh yeah

Sometimes it feels like 'm gonna die
If U don't call me, mama
Girl, U got 2 try
Down on my knees beggin' U please, please!
Oh yeah, mmm
Y can't U call me sometime, baby?
It's just 1 lousy dime, baby
Y can't U call me sometime?
Oh no no
Y on earth can't U just pick up the phone? Yeah
U know don't like 2 B alone
Y, Y must U torture me, baby?
Y U gotta treat me so bad?
U don't call me anymore

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