Horny Toad
Recorded: June 5, 1982
Released: August 17, 1983
Single: Delirious (B-side)
Album: 1999 Deluxe (11th track - disc 2)

Written by Prince.
© 1983 NPG Records, excl. 2 Legacy Recordings
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If had ur number
'd call U on the phone
'd breathe real heavy
If that didn't work
Maybe 'd start 2 groan
don't love U
'm just a horny toad

don't want ur money
Cuz got all need
All want is 2 rub ur body
Until U start 2 bleed
don't love U
'm just a horny toad, ooh

If had ur address
'd come right 2 ur door
'd knock all day till U let me N
& then 'd knock some more
ain't crazy
'm just a horny toad

If U think 'm nasty
U ain't seen nothin' yet
U C, 'm the kinda brother that the more U scream
The nastier get
can't help it
'm just a horny toad
Now watch me dance

Run & go tell ur boyfriend
His lovin' has got 2 old
He might as well pack his things
& get his dead ass on the road
Tell him U live on a lily pad with a horny toad

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