Here On Earth
Recorded spring 2001 and released a download via NPG Music Club (January 17, 2002) and 3rd track on album One Nite Alone... (May 14, 2002). Written by Prince.

Did U know?

Imagine a young woman runnin' 4 her very life
Tryin' 2 get away from the 1 who loves her
This young woman, huh, ur wife
N2 an alley, cold and rainy
October just b4 dawn
Leaping atop a mountain of bricks
Her clothes now covered with sick
The danger hardly gone
She turns and curses the day she met U
And that she wishes she was never born

Say it's just a dream... (It's just a dream...)
U open up ur eyes and come 2 realize
U simply imagined this
Simply imagined this (Just a dream...)
So U lean over and give her a kiss

Here on earth, here on earth
With U, it's not so bad
Here on earth, here on earth
I don't feel so sad

Stayin' right here, I'm stayin' right here
Here on earth

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