Recorded on May 24, 1985 and released as the B-side to Pop Life single (July 10, 1985). The edit version appears on The Hits / The B-Sides (1993). Written by Prince.

Hello, hello


I tried 2 tell them that I didn't want 2 sing
But I'd gladly write a song instead
They said OK and everything was cool
Until a camera tried 2 get n my bed
Hello... (My bed)

I was sittin' pretty with a beautiful friend ("Oh darling")
When this man tries 2 get n the car
("Hey Prince, c'mon, give us a smile, eh?")
No introduction, "How've U been?"
Just, "Up urs! Smile, that's right, U're a star!"

U call 'em bodyguards but I call 'em my friends
I guess I'm used 2 havin' them around
And cameras by nature like rewards
That's the trouble I get when I'm Uptown

I'm not afraid 2 die cuz I know
(Don't be afraid cuz there's a better place 2 go)
I eat what I want (U can eat what U want)
Doritos and I'm happy and that's 4 sure (Anything is cool n moderation)

We're against hungry children, our record stands tall
But there's just as much hunger here at home
We'll do what we can if y'all try and understand
A flower that has water will grow
And the child misunderstood will go, "Hello"
Hello {repeat}

U gotta hello...
I havn't lost the desire, I wouldn't beg U
Instead of playin' deduction of what 2 do
She called me rude often when I called her hand
She judged me and told me that we're thru
"Why can't U b like the others?" I cried out over and again
"Why can't U learn 2 play by the rules?"
But maybe at last it's the end because I am not like others
I'm unique n the respect I'm not U

I know n my heart I would try 2 love U, I wouldn't try 2 hurt U
Despite all the ways U try 2 hurt me
U call me a fraud, an uncaring wretch
But I'm an artist and my only aim is 2 please
It is U and urs, myself and mine
Isn't life cruel enough without cruel words, cruel words?
U see, words r like shoes, they're just something 2 stand on
I wish U could b n my shoes
But they're probably so high, U'd fall off and die
4 U words r definitely not shoes
They're weapons and tools of destruction
And ur time is boring unless U're putting something down
What would life b if we believe what we read
And a smile is just hiding a frown?
Come now, isn't life a little better with a pair of good shoes?

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