Have A ♥
Recorded spring 2001 and released as the 5th track on album One Nite Alone... (May 14, 2002). Written by Prince.

I heard the news from a friend of mine and urs
She said the smell of missing me was comin' from ur pores
She said I broke ur heart so bad, I didn't deserve U back
But don't U have 2 have a heart 1st b4 U get it broken?
Don't U have 2 wanna tell the truth b4 a word is spoken?
So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had 1, see

The fault of mine goes from L.A. 2 the streets of NYC
But I ain't cryin' about payments overdue
I got some milk but no drop is spilled over things U put me thru
Can't U see we're all just tryin', tryin' 2 get this hustle on?
Lookin' 4 the righteous 2 buy n till we right every 1 of the wrongs
So what about the heartbreak?
Everybody's had 1, see, yeah
Ooh, have a heart

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